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User Guide

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Activate an Account
Create an Account 1-8
Add Business Contact Information 9-10
Designate User Role: Employer Role User 11-12
Designate User Role: Trainer Role User 11&13
Associate Account: DCW Agency 14-17
Associate Account: Training Program 18-20
Account Activation 21
Account Maintenance
Log In to an Existing Account 22-24
Forgot Username/Password 25-28
Update Account Information 29-30
Create a New Password 31-33
Employer Role
Introduction 34-36
Testing Records Search 37-42
Add New Employee 43-45
View Employee List 46-47
Update Employee Information 48-49
Check Testing Records 50-51
Special Features
  • Import Function
  • Training Period Report
  • Transcript Report
  • 52-58
  • 59-61
  • 62-65
Trainer Role
Introduction 66-67
DCW/DCW Trainer Search 68-70
Enter Testing Record: Regular Test (example) 71-73
Enter Testing Record: Re-Test (example) 71&74
Testing Records Search Authorization Form (template) 75